IT Systems Administration, Architecture, & Consulting.

We specialize in a wide range of IT services:

With decades of experience, we've successfully completed diverse projects and infrastructure designs, including:

- IT Systems Administration
- Networking
- Data Center Services: Brokering/Management/Installations/Remote Hands
- Custom Systems Architecture custom fitted to specific projects.
- Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Management
- Site Reliability Engineering
- DevOps Services

Our expertise includes projects designing and deploying high CPU data processing servers, installing PBX systems, creating customized AWS Workspaces for fully remote offices, deploying multiplayer game servers, implementing high-availability message broker clusters, and establishing television distribution networks throughout multi-story buildings to provide digital streaming and satellite television to entire companies. In short, we handle it all.

Notable Projects

A data scientist client had a proof of concept modeling suite in C++ and Python, and they tasked us with architecting, designing, and deploying it in a cost-effective manner in a new data center. We set up network infrastructure with pfSense and OpenVPN, acquired and refurbished HPE servers (including a custom GPU server), and deployed them into the data center. Git was used for source control across three branches for development, testing, and production. We developed bash scripts for hardware and software management, and a RabbitMQ message broker for request distribution. To simplify management, we installed Rundeck as an intuitive interface for system control.

United States


A client sought an upgrade from SD to HD TV across their 7-floor building, controllable via a desktop app. We achieved this by utilizing HD RF Modulators to convert HD satellite signals over their existing SD coaxial infrastructure. We replaced old tube TVs with HD Samsung TVs. To streamline control, we implemented a VLAN to reduce crossover traffic. Global Cache Ethernet IR Controllers managed satellite IR and ethernet IP Control for the Samsung TVs. Additionally, we developed a custom app for device signal management, a notable feat in the early 2010s, so the system was controllable from anywhere on the network.

Costa Rica


An American software company entrusted us with the task of establishing a high-security software engineering office in Austria from the ground up. This endeavor entailed meticulous planning and execution mixed with the difficulties of operating in a foreign environment. We carefully designed the office layout, selected and configured secure PCs, and ensured robust network infrastructure. Our expertise in cybersecurity provided additional layers of protection, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems. The result was a cutting-edge office where the company could work confidently, knowing their data and intellectual property were safeguarded by our comprehensive security measures and diligent planning.



A gaming enthusiast approached us with a project to establish a private Rust gaming network. To meet Rust's demanding server requirements, we designed a cluster of powerful servers with multicore processors, GPUs, and high-speed SSDs, automated and managed through bash scripts for optimal performance. Simultaneously, we developed custom Discord bots to relay real-time server statuses, announce in-game events, and enhance community engagement. This integrated approach provided a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

United States


During the COVID-19 pandemic, a software engineering company contracted us to orchestrate a seamless transition to the cloud by setting up a high-security AWS Workspaces cluster. This cluster, designed with a focus on high availability and robust networking, allowed for remote work while custom Group Policy Objects (GPO) ensured data security and access control. A key aspect of our approach involved integrating their existing Active Directory Domain Controller (ADDC) to manage users without starting from scratch, preserving familiar user management processes. This solution enabled the company to migrate their entire office to the cloud, empowering employees to work securely and efficiently from remote locations during challenging times.

United States


A security-conscious client approached us with a mission to fortify their infrastructure. To enhance security, we implemented a RADIUS server for Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP) keys, ensuring a robust layer of protection for their VPN access. Concurrently, we strengthened firewall security measures to shield against potential threats. For user management and authentication on Linux servers, we established an Active Directory Domain Controller (ADDC) using Samba, integrated with the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD). This setup enabled streamlined Linux server authentication, precise control over sudo privileges, and additional PAM security through the use of YubiKeys, elevating the client's overall security posture.

United States


A decade later, our client from 2013 enlisted us again with a crucial update to their AV system. We replaced aging components and introduced 16 high-definition digital streams through additional RF modulators. To manage these streams efficiently, we incorporated IPTV decoders running in SRT listener mode, enhancing flexibility. Notably, we harnessed the power of bash scripts to control FFmpeg with complex filters, enabling the generation of multi-stream feeds to satisfy multiple business demands. This update not only rejuvenated the system but also showcased our commitment to staying at the forefront of different technologies while adapting to evolving client’s business needs.

Costa Rica




What we can provide.

Data Center Management Services

Enhance your data center's efficiency and security with our expert management services, encompassing equipment optimization, monitoring, and proactive maintenance, ensuring your critical infrastructure operates at peak performance.

Cloud Migration Solutions

Smoothly transition your office to the cloud, using AWS Workspaces clusters, custom GPOs, and integrated ADDC management for remote work during challenging times.

Samba ADDC Integration

Seamlessly integrate Samba-based Active Directory Domain Controllers (ADDC) with SSSD for Linux server authentication, sudo privilege management, and PAM security enhancements using YubiKeys.

High-Availability System Architecture

Design resilient and high-availability systems using redundancy, failover mechanisms, and load balancing, ensuring uninterrupted service and data availability.

Comprehensive Systems Administration

Entrust us with the day-to-day management of your systems, including Rocky Linux, FreeBSD, pfSense, and ESXi, as well as Bash Scripting expertise, ensuring optimal performance, security, and availability while you focus on your core business objectives.

Email and Web Hosting Solutions

Elevate your online presence with our tailored email and web hosting services, offering scalable, secure, and reliable solutions that ensure your business communication and online platforms run seamlessly.

Tailored Tech Innovations

Harness our expertise in crafting custom solutions, ranging from advanced AV systems, secure network architectures, and cloud migrations to gaming networks, data center services, and unique software integrations, ensuring your unique tech needs are met with precision and excellence.


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